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By Dikshitha A | Covid19, Coronavirus, Qurantine


The recent situation of the world has baffled the living of everyone. Coronavirus, the leading news in the past three months, has created a quiet environment in India and other parts of the world where people have confined a forced stay in their homes. The inflation in the spread of the virus among the people has stopped the movement in almost everything. A great move of “The lockdown” has helped reduce the fast spread to a certain extent.
Although many have been struggling with anxiety and also maintaining a proper balance with work.

No matter how difficult it seems right now, please remember this too shall pass. And we all will come out of it stronger than ever. Let’s just take it one day at a time and look for the silver lining, the sky has never been so clear, pollution levels have dropped tremendously, ozone is healing, there are birds chirping all around us.

Also, let’s remind ourselves how we can utilize our time and kill the anxiety:

•Play board games
•Get those gardening tools out and rebuild our garden
•Experiment with cooking
•Redesign our home
•Call the old school and college buddies
•Try DIY crafts
•Clean our house
•Revisit old photo albums with family
•Read books
•Develop a new hobby
•Restudy our college projects
•Watch our favorite movies
•Listen to new music
•Watch news, be aware, but avoid watching it frequently so corona is not always on the mind.

Defining The “Quarantine life”: All experiences and possibilities mankind thought was impossible, quarantine made it possible” - in a good way.

Let’s stand together and fight and protect each other unitedly. Also, remember to wash your hands and wear a mask. STAY HOME. STAY SAFE.

FLIP IT UP - Chapter One

By Dikshitha A | Fashion, Juttis

Wondering how to look stylishly exceptional? Just bounce into these eye-catchy handpainted juttis. We curated “FLIP IT UP” to amaze every woman how versatile Haellies are by coupling them with various outfits.

Here are 7 different pair of Haelli juttis, each jutti with two different outfits that blend along perfectly:

1. Saadgee Gold Jutti - A neat peach dress overcoated with a neon blazer + Lavishing Chanderi pink saree with bottle green blouse looks amazing for a party.

2. Vogue Jutti - A smooth white Acoba dress + Floral crop top and dress pants just look perfect for a casual outing.

3. Paradise Blue Jutti - Baby pink floral kurta + pencil skirt and mock neck rib knit tee look great for office wear.

4. Glaze Jutti - sky blue lakhnavi cotton saree + casual rigged boyfriend jeans and white plain tee look perfect for a dinner night.

5. Bubblegum Jutti - Denim skirt with casual tee + wide-leg pants and mock neck top with casual cream overcoat look amazing for an informal gathering.

6. Folk Jutti - Formalwear and black leather jacket + Self-design saree and leather jacket look stunning for any event.

7. Paradise Green Jutti - Multicoloured saree + bubblegum pink ethnic Kurti set looks wonderful for any function.

Jutties are admirable and impressive for any occasion.

P.S. To look unique and astounding, all you need is the right choice of clothing, accessories, and footwear for leaving behind a remarkable personality!

Check complete look book for “FLIP IT UP” where our Founder Neha styled the juttis to have a better idea of the different blends :


5 Days in Haelli

By Gitanjali Maggo | juttis, fashion, beach, vacation

Our head Designer’s love for beaches and belief that every single moment on a seaside has to be phenomenal is only feasible when you’re comfortable to walk around on sand. So she decided to take it one step further and break clichés by wearing something in a most fun and fashionable way. Considering a few things while packing your shoes for travel to make most of your trip: Style, weight and most importantly comfort. Hence, she took just ONE pair of jutti for her 5-day visit to GOA. No flip flops, no shoes just one pair of Haelli.
Here’s the sneak-peak of designer’s recent travel, 5 days and 6 different looks for the inspiration in “The Haelli” breaking the mold.
1. Boyfriend jeans + crisp white shirt – Travel-friendly, flight friendly!
2. Denim shorts + Tee- Comfortable and hassle-free – few traits of the attire.
3. Peach flared dress – fun flared dress can be used both on and off the beach.
4. Pink maxi dress - single most comfortable and stylish piece of clothing.
5. Wide-leg pants + comfy top– Pair it with a beach bag for a classic look.
6. White dress look - Super chic white cotton dress. Perfect for beach dinner or Casino night!!
Make most of your beach vacations, just don’t forget the sunscreen!
PS: These juttis are super easy to clean post a beach visit, and no harm to the color from water. Check the link below for cleaning details. Toddles.
Juttis Used: Magic
5DayChallenge: https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3ODQzOTMyMjgyNTQ2ODU1?igshid=1hnrrch166lxt

Summer'19 Collection

By Admin | juttis, fashion

Theme of Summer 2019 is fun, casual and chic. We gave a lot of thought to the color schemes which incorporated in the collection from neutrals to pastels to combine every mood in this collection so that there is something for everyone. Cactus juttis on white base will be the season’s quirky which we are best known for. Also we re designed our all time favorite ladybug in mint green. For office goers we specially designed Magic juttis, which neutal gray base including geometrical patterns and just a hint of neon pink and Born wild with blush pink base. And then a forever favorite of everyone, floral pattern on lilac base with golden hand painted imprints. Hope you all have fun wearing them :)