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What is the material?

Each of our pieces is handcrafted in India and made from 100% Cotton fabric.

Is there a possibility of color bleeding?

As our products are made of fine cotton, they are less likely to bleed. Designing and detailing is also done with hand and made up of mostly laces, which are unlikely to bleed on the cotton fabric. All pieces are tested, however dark color fabric may bleed for the initial few washes.

What size will fit me?

Our sizes range from S to XL. A size chart is provided for you to relate with your body measurements. You can always exchange the size if, in case, piece does not fit you well. There is extra cloth inside which can give a margin of 1 inch approximately.
Size Chart

Is there is a provision of customizing sizes?

If the size of design you like is not available, we may customize it as per your requirements depending upon the availability of fabric. Customization charges may apply. Please send us your query by emailing us at [email protected]

Can I return or exchange any product?

Easy Return and exchange is available if you feel the product does not fit you well. All the return/exchange needs to be initiated within 48 hours of receiving the product. Additionally, all the tags and label should be intact on the product.

Can I get a refund?

We do not have a refund policy, but once the product is returned you will be provided with a store credit against it, which can be used for any future purchase at our website.

Do I need to dry clean them?

There is no requirement of dry cleaning, all our products are low maintenance, although we would like you to go through the following care instructions for a longer life of the product:

  • Wash them in cold water
  • Dry them in shade
  • Avoid soaking them for long
  • Wash lighter colour fabric separately
  • Do not bleach


What is so special about these juttis?

These juttis are completely hand made, hand crafted and hand painted. Each pair is unique and is a piece of art in itself. We are the first ones to customize hand painted juttis at commercial level throughout India. Plus, the quality is supreme with soft cushioning and double padding. This is something you will not find anywhere.

Is this color permanent?

Yes, color will stay on the juttis forever, unless it is not forcefully scratched.

What about the color if I spill some water over them, accidently?

Water will do no harm to the color. (genuine leather juttis, suggested to be kept away from moisture)

What about I step in water with the juttis?

Don’t worry they are not going to die instantly, you can always go back home, blow dry and keep safe wrapped in paper

What if it bites me?

The cut of our juttis is slightly lower then the normal ones, so chances are very low. But if you normally get a shoe bite, it is advisable to apply some oil to your feet before wearing them, a bandaid for precaution will also do.

What size should I go for, since there fit is different from the other footwears

Juttis are a bit snug fit, and they get loose after you wear them 2 to 3 times, since it is natural leather and has a tendency to expand. So go for a pair which fits you, don’t opt for a size which comes out of your feet while walking
Size Chart

I can see some color change and a slight discoloration

Welcome to the world of hand made and hand crafted products, a slight change of color is possible at times since they are all hand made and handpainted from the leather to the art over it, that’s the charm of wearing a piece of art.

Any Suggestions?

  • Yes please always swap them every time you wear, it will help maitaining the shape of your juttis
  • Clean with a damp cloth, no need of dry cleaning
  • If possible, don’t step out in water, for a longer life
  • You can get a sole attached at the bottom of your jutti to make it more durable.